These have been called ‘the jobs of the future’ in the workplace in shaping new value creation.

According to Simon Torkington, Senior Formative Content creator at World Economic Forum (WEF), these digital skills have become a basic requirement that is not limited to Silicon Valley for high impact.

228 million job adverts were analysed by partnership researchers at The Burning Glass Institute partnered, the Business-Higher Education Forum (BHEF) and education publisher Wiley, and emerging top in-demand skills were narrowed down to these four.

  1. Artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML).
  2. Cloud computing.
  3. Product management.
  4. Social media.

“AI/ML, Cloud Computing, Product Management, and Social Media together exemplify skills disruption and serve as a laboratory for understanding the broader trend. The five-year growth rate for these four skill sets was 122% in 2021, compared with a 10% growth rate for the average skill over the same period,” the report states.

In order to thrive in the workplace, workers will need to adopt these skills and commit to training throughout their career.

Not only do they have job security, their rewards, from earnings and opportunities, will be exceptional from the beginning to end of career.

Even social media skills, which have kind of a rough start, eventually outperform “other jobs” within three years.

Industries such as cybersecurity, creative design, health information management and scripting languages are ready for these skills even to date. AI/ML alone is the fastest growing skill with a rate of 370% in the past five years.

However, this stratospheric growth has left a dent in the traditional roles, even tech roles, that is increasing and taking down rewards and opportunity with it.

According to the report, Business Consulting, Specialized Sales, Database Architecture and Administration, Network Protocols, Web Design and Development, are dropping in demand.

Web developing has been all but wiped by platforms that don’t require code or require low-code to create websites fast and easy.

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