What would you do if your idol or a celebrity beat you?

The saying goes, “Never meet your heroes”. It carries a warning that you should never meet the people you hold in high regard because they might not live up to your expectations.

More so in the event that they bring you harm, especially physical harm.

As one motorcyclist discovered in the course of the week, when singer Jose Chameleone thrashed him. You would think the rider was the subject of Chameleone’s “Bayuda” while delivering canes that Jesus’ punishers would envy.

Here are nine people, each giving us their reaction in if they experienced violence from a celebrity.

“I beat him/her back.” Erick .K

“I beat back. I record you and post you on Pulse Uganda. I also unfollow you on all social media platforms.” Isaac Kalisa.

“I don’t believe in violence but a man must defend himself when in danger.” Moses King.

“I would go to social media and rant.” Christine .N.

“Despite my ‘I’m a lover, not a fighter’ tag and mantra, I detest the fact that someone would beat up on me and expect that I’d turn the other cheek. Out goes the Bible and in comes ‘Golola Moses’. We beat each other up until the first person bleeds.” Lewis .S.

“I would exercise calmness even if deep down I want to throw a stone at you to return the favour.” Hannat .S.

“I would expose them on social media.” Joldine .W.

“I would walk away for the sake of my dignity.” Justine .N.

“I would press charges and then expose them on social media until I get justice. If I don’t get it, I handle it traditionally {witchcraft}” Sandra .A.

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