According to musician turned political aide, Catherine Kusasira, any one willing to manage artistes without the minimum of shs300million in their account is only headed for catastrophe.

Kusasira further adds that this money should be on the individual’s personal bank account.

Kusasira emphasizes that having such cash is the true definition of a manager or promoter.

The “Enkola ya Taxi” hit singer emphasizes that a manager should be able to book a shs5million venue with ease.

Kusasira further breaks down the mathematics of what it takes to manage an artiste, financially, at least.

Kusasira reveals that buying a standard song costs a minimum of shs3million.

After the song has been bought, the least amount studio time will cost is Shs1million, she further reveals.

Kusasira further emphasizes that studio time is expensive because one ought to hire expertise to mix the audio, record it, as well as master it.

Kusasira notes that making videos is no walk in the park.

She notes that artistes today are recording videos worth shs25 million and above.

She notes that the lowest an artiste can stoop in regards to a video’s budget is shs5million.

It is on this note that she advised promoters seeking to hire her at shs1million to abstain from the thought since such budgets are rubbish to her.

She also emphasized that the least amount of money an artiste in Uganda should be paid is, $10,000.

Kusasira expressed these opinions while in conversation with Spark Television, as she discussed the rift in artistes’ worth, between promoters and artistes.

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