In an clip that has since been aired by Spark Television, Ykee Benda power slams controversial events promoter, Bajjo.

In the clip, Benda disrespects the promoter, noting that, as an individual, Bajjo makes no sense.

Ykee Benda further revealed that he does not care if Bajjo executes his intention of not holding a concert for three months, since he has gone 6 years in the industry without Bajjo organizing any of his shows.

“I have spent six years in the music industry but Bajjo has never organized my show,” Ykee Benda added.

Ykee Benda emphasizes that despite promoters getting hurt by Uganda Revenue Authority’s (URA) latest taxes against them, artistes themselves are affected as well.

“What they forget is that even when they reduce my salary, they are still going to deduct my taxes,” he adds.

Ykee Benda further revealed that he will be holding a mega concert come May this year.

Benda further added that May is tentative as the month may change, but the year remains a constant.

Benda also commented about Chameleone’s latest controversy, noting that it was not a good gesture, though he admits that Boda riders can also be problematic to deal with.

He urged the Boda riders to exercise patience while on the roads.

He however noted that he has no cane in his car, but admits to have gotten his car dented by Boda riders, yet he was the one who footed the costs of the damage.

He noted that however much he does not support violence against Boda riders, they themselves should reduce on the speed they use on the road, as they endanger themselves and the lives of pedestrians.

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