In a recent interview, artist Banjo Man, who is also the brother of Bobi Wine, opened up about his reservations when it comes to weddings and the concept of sharing assets.

He expressed his concerns about having to divide his hard-earned money and possessions with someone who didn’t contribute to acquiring them.

When asked to give his two cents about this sensitive topic, he expresses how he believes that it’s unfair to be required to share half of your assets in the event of a failed marriage.

He acknowledged the effort and hard work that goes into building a successful career and accumulating wealth.

For him, the idea of having to divide these assets with someone who didn’t contribute to their acquisition is a cause for concern and questions the fairness of the current system, where one party may end up with a significant portion of the other party’s hard-earned assets.

We work so hard all our lives to possess all the assets, wealth and money we have… it doesn’t sit well with me that when it fails, I have to share half of it to someone who wasn’t there with me through my sweat and hard work just because I signed a paper and married them.

Banjo Man

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