Khalifah AgaNaga shared his thoughts in a recent interview on why many artists experience a moment of success before disappearing from the limelight. According to him, the lack of hard work and proper planning are key factors contributing to this trend.

AgaNaga emphasizes the need for artists to always be thinking ahead, even in the midst of their success. It’s not enough to simply bask in the glory of a hit song; artists should immediately start considering what’s next in their careers.

He stresses the fact that this forward-thinking approach will allow them to capitalize on their current popularity while simultaneously preparing for future endeavors.

To avoid falling into the trap of being a one-hit wonder, Khalifah advises artists to explore collaborations with big brands and other artists.

He set an example of upcoming artists usually having hit songs suggesting that riding on the fame of already established names in the industry helps them tap into new audiences and expand their reach.

He acknowledges that these partnerships not only bring fresh perspectives and ideas but also provide valuable exposure and opportunities for growth. They also buy the artist some time to creatively think of what’s next without prompt pressure from the growing fan base.

He also shared another strategy of remixing different songs. Remixes offer artists the chance to breathe new life into their music, engage listeners in a different way, and by infusing their unique style into popular tracks, they can attract attention and keep their fan base engaged while they work on creating new original content.

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