Chameleone notes that when he got in front of Museveni, he asked him what exactly he (Chameleone) wanted to tell him.

Chameleone further discloses that he was in the company of his elder son, Ababa Mayanja, on the fateful day.

According to Chameleone, Abba Mayanja was overwhelmed by Museveni’s presence, that he asked him if he indeed is the president of the country.

Chameleone reveals that when all the dust had settled, the President re-assured him that he had his undivided attention, and asked the artiste to tell him exactly what he wanted.

Chameleone notes that he outdid himself, telling the past, the present, the future, exhausting himself to the maximum.

According to the story teller, despite outdoing himself, Museveni insisted that he tell him more.

Overwhelmed and also, Chameleone gave up, telling Museveni to first address the issues he had raised.

Chameleone opened up on this conversation while in conversation with NBS entertainment host, Kats.

He further joked about a recent moment both entertainers shared with the country’s head gaffer at Kololo Independent Grounds.

Kats adds that he was intimidated to get close to the president only to be encouraged by Chameleone to maintain confidence.

Chameleone further reveals that during the said moment, he panicked to tell the president thousands of things.

He clarifies that the public did not notice because he was in a mask.

Despite Chameleone’s fascination with the Head of State, both parties have had an on and off relationship due to Chameleone’s wavering loyalty, for he is also known for having close ties with the opposition.

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