Yesterday, Chameleone was the subject of a long heated debate, controversy and chaos after a video of him slashing a boda rider four hot strokes of the cane emerged on social media.

In the video, onlookers claim that Chameleone lashes the rider because he had scratched his luxury automobile, a state of the art Range Rover.

The rider tries to fight back but is contained by Chameleone’s entourage.

Social media has since been littered with various opinions about the incident from celebrities, citizens and authorities.

This incidence has been deemed highly controversial as Chameleone’s mega concert, Gwanga Mujje, is only moments away.

Jose Chameleone has since remained tight lipped about the incidence.

However, by yesterday evening, the legend broke his silence about the incidence by posting a picture of himself with his recently discovered love child on Instagram.

Chameleone captions the picture, noting that it is such gestures that hurt haters, concluding with a line from his hit song, “Baliwa.”

Chameleone’s disdain for public feedback about the picture was on full display as he completely disabled comments.

Nevertheless, the public responded with nothing but love, for the picture has since been liked by over 7,000 people.

Last year, in a shocking but surprising twist, Chameleone unveiled his long-kept love child to his family.

According to a report by the “Red Pepper” publication, the teenage girl was identified as Anna Mayanja.

,Pulse Uganda,

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