Local comedian Patrick Idringi, who has since self styled to Salvado, believes in the Biblical teaching that advises parents not to spare the rod lest they spoil the child.

Salvado made these revelations on his twitter account, noting that he had to instill some discipline into his last born child, by use of the cane.

According to Salvado, he had gotten overwhelmed since his son thought he could always go to him to find his way around home laws.

He notes that yesterday, his son got the shock of his life when he all over a sudden found his dad lashing some senses into him.

Based off Salvado’s reports, it looks like the cause of the lashing stemmed from his son not saying thank you.

“Today I gave my youngest some strokes of the cane, he had become too much, he couldn’t believe it coz I’m always his go to guy whenever he doesn’t get his way, today he got the shock of his life, his attitude has changed, he has finally learnt how to say please…Kiboko thanks,” he tweeted.

Salvado’s followers and fans were quick to flood his comments sections with their opinions, with some going pro and others con.

According to a one Molly Win, caning children works since most people grew up that way.

The user further added that this generation is making parents’ and teachers’ jobs hard.

City disc jockey Sir Aludah hailed him Salvado for his actions.

“Well done,” he said.

Salvado is not the only celebrity who opened up about using the cane to discipline his children as NTV news anchor and program host Faridah Nakazibwe said that she whips her children because she bore them herself.

Frank Gashumba defended himself after flogging Sheilah Gashumba noting that since it is is his household, he will not take opinions from other people yet he is doing what is right.

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