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Ganda Vibes, an organization showcasing Ugandan culture, is excited to announce that internationally acclaimed artist Ya Levis will be performing in Kampala this August.

Ya Levis, a celebrated Congolese musician, has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with his soulful voice, infectious beats, and captivating stage presence.

With chart-topping hits such as Nakati, Katchua, and Mbangu te, and a diverse musical repertoire that blends Afrobeat, Rumba, and Pop influences, he is the ideal man to watch for most Ugandan music lovers.

Ya Levis’ stage performances always transcend borders and unite fans from all walks of life and Ugandans will be anticipating his showcase come 24th August 2024.

The electrifying performance is set to take place at Kampala Serena Hotel, promising an evening filled with vibrant rhythms and unforgettable melodies.

The organizer; Ganda Vibes, continues to redefine the live entertainment landscape in Uganda, offering audiences unparalleled access to world-class performances right in the heart of Kampala.

Ganda Vibes has partnered with House of DJs to execute and provide an amazing show for everyone.

Ya Levis, known for his soulful voice and infectious beats, will be joined by Ugandan DJs and acts to be announced in the coming weeks.

Tickets for the event are available for purchase on Quicket; Ugx 100,000 per person and tables of 8 are available for Ugx 2.5 million.

About Ganda Vibes:

Ganda Vibes is a dynamic organization dedicated to showcasing the rich tapestry of Ugandan culture through a fusion of international and local talent. Led by a team of passionate young individuals, Ganda Vibes strives to create transformative cultural experiences that celebrate diversity, foster unity, and redefine the live entertainment landscape in Uganda.

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Ganda Vibes has previously held events like Guvnor Versuz with Odeal, Tyler ICU, Vinka, and Kohen Jaycee and also had an experiential tent at Blankets and Wine.

This event with Ya Levis will be a continuation of the journey that the company has already embarked on.
Stay tuned to Ganda Vibes’ official social media channels for exclusive updates, and behind-the-scenes content leading up to the concert.

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