Controversial Sheikh Umar has urged troubled singer Grace Khan to apologize to him else she will continue facing the transgressions she is having constantly.

Sheikh Umar disclosed that he needs a public apology from Grace Khan for talking negatively about him, something that tainted his name, brand, and image.

Speaking in an interview, Sheikh Umar noted that he cursed Grace Khan adding that she is possessed by demons that she got from a certain traditional healer.

He went on to note that she will never settle down until she goes down on her knees and requests forgiveness.

Sheikh Umar added that Grace Khan tried seeking solace at Pastor Wilson Bugembe’s church which weathered the storm a bit but then ditched him running to Pastor Bugingo and Susan Makula where she has been chased.

He went ahead to brag that he is the only person who could sort out Grace Khan’s problems and challenges.

Sheikh Umar also bragged that he is the person who helped Kojja Kintosa to separate from Grace Khan following several pleas from his family.

He further called upon all the individuals who trashed his image to reach him saying if they apologize to him he would forgive them he has a list of public figures that he cursed including former Vision Group CEO Robert Kabushenga and OS Suuna among many others.

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