Chameleone’s wife Daniella does not seem to be satisfied with Chameleone’s recent actions as she has sent the superstar yet another cryptic message on her Instagram.

Daniella’s series of cryptic messages towards Chameleone resumed again during the week when a video emerged of the musician lashing a boda boda rider four strong lashes after it is alleged that the rider scratched his Range Rover car.

In the video, the rider tries to fight back but is contained by Chameleone’s entourage.

Atim shocked the internet when she posted about the incidence on Instagram, calling for the lashed Boda boda rider to get justice.

“Zero tolerance for violence,” Atim posted Friday night, captioning an artwork that read: “Violence will not be tolerated.”

This came as a strong shock to the public as it would be unfathomable for somebody’s wife to suggest their own arrest.

Today, Daniela seemed more than relentless in her condemnation of Chameleone’s latest actions.

In the message shared on her update, the author condemns people that watch abusers wreck a person’s life, pray for the survivor’s healing but not hold the abusers accountable.

“Tragic how people watch abusers wreck a person’s life and will pray for the survivor’s healing but not hold the abuser accountable. There’s peace in knowing someone is responsible for hurting others. It’s not vengeance. It’s necessary, so they lose access to other people’s innocence,” the message read.

Daniella’s scathing attacks on Chameleone have left the public dismayed as both parties are legally married to each other.

Nevertheless, there seems to be trouble in paradise as recent signs from both Chameleone and Daniella show that they are not at good terms with one another.

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