In a new video update posted on his social media platforms, Diamond Platnumz revealed to the public his latest acquisition of an exotic snake he has since named Chichi.

The singer took to social media to introduce his pet which he referred to as his new friend in a video as he held the reptile which slithered from his hands onto the ground.

He stated that owning a snake has been his desire for a long term, and with the acquisition of Chichi, he has accomplished the same.

“I have always been excited to have my own snake as a pet…guys meet my new Friend #Chichi.,” wrote the Tanzanian star.

Surrounded by a sizeable crowd in what appeared to be a street, the Bongo star could be seen playing with his new friend as onlookers cheered.

Esma Platnumz reacting to Diamond’s decision to keep a snake as a pet shared that the star apparently fears cats and dogs, but does not fear a snake and asked Zuchu to bring their cat too.

With his acquisition, the WCB president now joins the exclusive club of celebrities who own exotic pets.

Others who own or have owned pet snakes in the past such as the late Michael Jackson, Willow Smith and his brother Jaden Smith and Justin Bieber among others.

Out of the approximately 3000 species of snakes in the world, only a few are commonly kept as pets.

They include king snakes, rat snakes, garter snakes, corn snakes, various pythons (particularly ball pythons), and various boa constrictors (especially the common boa constrictor).

Diamond did not divulge how much it cost him to acquire the pet but we are sure it must have cost him good cash.

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