The residents of Bata sub-county in Dokolo District have been advised to prioritise right enterprise selection if they are to fully benefit from the Parish Development Model (PDM) program. 

This was revealed by the Special Presidential Assistant on Political Affairs, Mr. Owiny Alfred Thopacu yesterday during a meeting that was convened at Atabu Primary School, Bata sub-county in Dokolo that brought together over 635 beneficiaries of the PDM program to assess its progress.

There are 6 parishes in Bata sub-county that include; Atabu, Barlela, Ocero, Alapata, Bardege and Apenyo and 71 PDM SACCOs are spread across these parishes.

Mr. Owiny also urged the residents to embrace the PDM program where the interest rate is as low as 10%, only payable after 2 years. 

“Nobody should come to you to ask for money when the two years have not elapsed because the President has given you a grace period of two years,” he stressed.

Mr. Owiny further reminded the residents that the money that is paid back is for the Parish bank in the form of a SACCO, and is not sent back to the government but remains in the Parish account for other people to borrow. 

On her part, the Dokolo Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Ms. Barbara Akech pointed out that the program is being monitored aggressively to ensure that the past mistakes are not repeated.

“The experiences we have shared today are good because the beneficiaries were able to speak freely, how much money they got and how the money was spent, their enterprise selection and how much they invested,” she said.

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The RDC added that such experiences will also help subsequent PDM beneficiaries in enterprise selection. 

Commenting on the challenges at the onset of the implementation of PDM program, she said it was discovered that the Chairpersons of the PDM SACCOs did not follow the recommended guidelines and they were giving funds to only their relatives and friends. 

She was however glad to note that all the money given out wrongly was recovered. 

“We recovered all the money that was deducted and also the money that was given to the unqualified people and gave it back to the rightful beneficiaries. We made them pay the money and we recovered about 15 million shillings,” she added.

Ms. Akech however vowed that in the next phase of the PDM program resource disbursement, the mistakes of the past will not be repeated. 

She strongly urged the people of Bata sub county in particular and Dokolo district in general to appreciate the kind gesture the NRM government, under the stewardship of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, has extended to them by embracing the PDM program and also for them to reciprocate accordingly. 

“The people of Bata sub- county and Dokolo district should reflect on what NRM government, especially President Museveni has done for their area and learn to appreciate as well as a reciprocate to the well-tailored programs meant for their wellbeing,” she noted.

In the same meeting, the residents of Bata sub-county expressed their profound appreciation to President Museveni for initiating the PDM program which has positively impacted their lives. 

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The appreciation was extended by the Atabu village LC1 Chairperson, Mr. Okwara Geoffrey while welcoming guests to the area. 

The meeting was also attended by the Dokolo district local government and senior security officials.


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