The internet was treated to drama yesterday evening when screenshots of Doreen Kabareebe responding to Rema Namakula made it to mainstream media.

In the reponse, Kabareebe goes bare knuckles on Rema Namakula, as she looks unimpressed by her hypocrisy.

Rema is quoted to have said that she does not allow men to touch her body since she is trying to teach her children the essence of respecting their bodies,

“I don’t allow men to touch me because I want to teach my children to respect their bodies. My actions matter and I want them to emulate me,” Rema is quoted to have said.

However, in her response, Kabareebe rubbishes Rema’s opinion, noting that it is hypocritic.

According to Kabareebe, Rema cannot claim to be decent yet she has different baby daddies, with one child sired before wedlock.

Kabareebe further added that morals ae not determined by what one wears, but by what is deep inside their hearts.

“Kasita oba you have kids in different men nga ate wazaala tebanakuwasa, there’s no decency there. True character isn’t judged by what we wear but rather our real behavior when no one is watching us,” she responded.

Rema’s public love life is known to have started with fellow artiste Eddy Kenzo, with whom she sired a daughter, Aamal Musuuza.

When the relationship fell to the dogs, she eloped with popular city doctor, Hamza Ssebunya, with whom they sired her second offspring.

Rema has cultivated a star image based off decency and a high moral standing.

On the other hand, Kabareebe has cultivated a reputation for indecent dressing but has always defended herself noting that she is a model.

While most fans took sides with Rema Namakula after Kabareebe’s vicious attack, most netizens seemed to rather be amused by the “violence” the response espoused.

,Pulse Uganda,

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