Eddy Kenzo has denied claims by Cameroonian artist Gasha on their hit song “Chill” produced in 2015 that he ‘stole’ the royalties from the song leaving Gasha with nothing.

The controversy began when singer Gasha accused Eddy Kenzo of selfishly reaping royalties from their collaboration.

She claimed that he was benefiting financially from the project while she and her management were left with nothing after allegedly investing a staggering $2000 in its production, marketing, and distribution.

Eddy Kenzo, in his response, has made it clear that he does not financially benefit from the song beyond the number of views it receives on YouTube, which currently stands at an impressive 5 million.

He emphasized that Gasha and her management have full rights over the song and are responsible for its distribution. Furthermore, he denied the allegations that he asked for money from Gasha to collaborate with her.

To shed light on the collaboration process, Eddy Kenzo revealed an interesting detail. At the time when they were planning to work together, he happened to be in America.

Gasha and her management, in their eagerness to collaborate, offered $1000 to cover Eddy Kenzo’s air ticket extension and travel expenses, and that’s all they offered.

Information about YouTube views and respective payments or earnings can easily be accessed by anyone. Gasha should check it out and see. I don’t benefit anything apart from the views. Also, I don’t charge anyone for collaborations and never have.

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Eddy Kenzo

.@eddykenzoficial distances self from stealing royalties from his collaboration with Cameronian singer Gasha. pic.twitter.com/rqWdXnXDJc

— Exclusive.Bizz (@Exclusive_Bizz) April 11, 2024

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