Gospel musician Exodus has come forward pointing fingers at churches in Uganda for their role in causing poverty and depression among the people.

Drawing references to the bible, Exodus reflected on Jesus’ actions in the Lord’s temple, realizing that the ones being driven out were not just common masses but rather the church leaders themselves.

The church has gone off topic and instead of giving people hope, it’s taking it away. I used to think that when Jesus chased people from the Lord’s temple that had turned it into a marketplace, he referred to the common people. It’s now that I get to understand that it was rather the church leaders.


According to Exodus, the focus on wealth within church circles has led to misleading messages. He passionately advocated for a reevaluation of the teachings by churches, stressing that genuine hope can only be restored by revising the messages conveyed to the people.

Most church leaders are more concerned about taking money from the masses. It’s all the talk about and unless they change their doctrines, Christians will continue living a fake life.



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