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FASHION: 5 Times ‘Insido’ Hitmaker Pretty Banks Has Looked Stunning

Pretty Banks is a Singer, Songwriter, and Actress who has become the talk of the town in recent months for his banger ‘Insido’.

The song produced by Nessim has been dominating the airwaves and is a people’s favorite at different local hangouts and bars.

Even with a hit song that big, Pretty Banks is still a brand that needs some polishing in different aspects before she can become a proven diva in this dynamic industry.

Style, however, is not one of those areas that the songstress in her twenties needs help with.

Her ability to do Dancehall, RnB, Afrobeat, and Soul spells her music versatility, and that too stretches to her fashion as she will wear pretty much anything.

She is daring and seems quite comfortable in her body – something several top celebrities have struggled with at the start of their careers.

Simplicity also seems to be something she loves so much and it shows quite easily.

We picked out five times Pretty Banks oozed confidence with her fashion. Take a gaze below:

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