The Uganda music industry at large has always raised complaints against the infiltration of Nigerian and South African music into the local industry.

Such complaints have always been inevitable as this infiltration has ended up affecting artistes as they do not command as much booking power as their Nigerian or South African counterparts.

Worse still, Uganda music consumers have lately shown a preference for Nigerian music as opposed to Ugandan music, especially in hang out spaces like bars.

According to the Ganda Boys, this should not come as a surprise as both Nigerians and South Africans have stuck to their roots, something Ugandans have sidelined.

The Ganda boys opened up on this concern while being hosted by Miles Rwamiti on Urban Television today morning.

According to the Boys, Nigerian music stems directly from the roots, just like their dance does.

The Ganda Boys further add that it is no different from South Africans and Americans as their music also stems from culture.

The Ganda Boys further added that even music that is deemed urban such as Hip-Hop, stems from the lifestyle that Americans live, hence their culture.

The Ganda Boys further added that the blunder most Uganda musicians make is to copy from the American music blueprint because they do not know where exactly the subjects they sing about are rooted.

The Ganda Boys further advised that if musicians focused on their traditional roots music and invested money and knowledge into it, it would be much simpler to attain global pinnacles.

The Ganda Boys were the pride of the country during the festive season when they premiered a rendition of the Buganda Anthem, which was sung in company of some of the finest choirs in the world.

The rendition has since attracted the attention of famous figures such as Charles Peter Mayiga, the Buganda premiere and Sylvia Naginda, the Nabagereka of Buganda.

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