Musician Gravity Omutujju is not about to shelve his beef with fellow crooner Jose Chameleone who is set to hold his concert dubbed Ggwanga Mujje on February 10.

Omutujju said in an interview that Chameleone will be lucky to attract enough revelers for his promoters to make a return on investment.

The rapper noted that he is not among musicians who look up to Chameleone and he won’t be supporting him to promote his concert.

“I can’t give him anything…” Omutujju said when he was asked by Galaxy TV if he will post about Ggwanga Mujje on his social media pages.

“He is not my elder… Are you saying Chameleone stays at home, that my mother gave birth to him? That he’s my elder!… What’s wrong with this kid? [referring to the interviewer]… Those men [Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine and Chameleone] are annoying… Chameleone is Chameleone, let him do his thing, and I do mine,” he added.

Last year when Omutujju attack the big three, saying they were against him because they didn’t promote his show, Chameleone later noted that the big three deserve respect because they paved the way.

“Young people should have some respect, they shouldn’t think we woke up one day and abused Afrigo Band’s Moses Matovu and suddenly became what we are. We grew up respecting people that are more experienced and older than us,” Chameleone said.

“People say Muyenga [a leafy Kampala suburb] is a good place, but they need to respect the first person to stay there because it wasn’t a good place before that person went there. They attack and undermine artistes who came before them forgetting that, when I joined this business, music was full of thugs.”

Omutujju insisted that Chameleone didn’t pave way for him.

“His show doesn’t concern me, whether he gets people or not, and he’ll be lucky to have them,” he said.

Jose Chameleone, who hasn’t held a concert in three years, will be celebrating 25 years in the music industry.

He also ended his 10-year contract with events promoter Balaam Barugahara in 2021 and hired Mariam Mutakubwa, known by many as Biggie, to promote the highly-anticipated show that will be held at t Lugogo Cricket Oval in Kampala.

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