Musician Gravity Omutujju appeared to question Spice Diana’s vocal abilities while commenting about her recent show at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

“The stage may be good but the disco… because I know they know how to position themselves, they can dress well… How come she doesn’t post videos while she’s performing?” Omutujju said in a video seen by this reporter.

He also checked her Instagram and appreciated the stage infrastructure and how she was dressed.

In a separate interview, Omutujju boasted about his stage presence.

“I’m the best at performing at shows in Uganda; where I don’t sing, people don’t enjoy,” he said.

Diana’s concert has attracted wide-ranging feedback, with some people appreciating the stage and sound, while others noted that her stage performance was lackluster and others like socialite Judith Heard were not happy with the sitting arrangement.

According to Heard, who didn’t mention the section of the concert she was sitting in, most people around her were not able to watch Diana’s performance.

“Please, who mapped the sitting arrangement for that concert? I’m badly looking for them,” Heard said.

“Guys, come on, what was that sitting arrangement? That was a situationship. Oh my goodness, planners, that was really annoying. Planner, I didn’t like that house, no, no, no… We didn’t watch our girl, we sat… Also, you told us we can’t stand, that was a bit off… We didn’t see Diana, we would just hear her singing,… We were, like, peeping to see her. We wouldn’t stand to dance… Come on, who came up with that plan? You guys are lying, you are lying!”

Meanwhile, Diana defended herself, saying her fans’ expectations were met. It’s also important to note that Diana shared some videos from the concert.

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