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Hatmah Nalugwa Sekaaya bids officially farewell to the newsroom after 17 years

Renowned NBS TV News Anchor Hatmah Nalugwa Sekaaya officially left her role as a News Anchor on Thursday 2nd May 2024.

Nalugwa who has served as a news anchor for over 17 years at NTV Uganda and NBS TV revealed the news via her social media where she shared photos of her farewell party.

“After 17 years visiting you in your living rooms at 7pm everyday, I have made the decision to sign out of the newsroom,” Nalugwa wrote.

She added, “I am so grateful for the experiences and connections I have made along the way, but it’s now time for a new chapter in my journey.

It is a decision she took earlier this year in March when she revealed that she had decided to step away from the spotlight as a news anchor to transition into a news producer role.

Her motivation? To provide new graduates with a chance to shine in the competitive world of news anchoring.

With years of experience as a seasoned news anchor, Hatmah Nalugwa realized the challenges that young professionals face when trying to break into the industry.

I chose to change my path this year from being directly into your faces back to the kitchen. I would love to give other news anchors an opportunity because most of them are even better than me. It has been 17 years, and I needed a rest.

Hatmah Nalugwa Sekaaya said in March

Her official departure has been applauded by her fellow news anchors and colleagues at Next Media who express their gratitude in her service.

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