A traumatized Entebbe Airport user has taken to Video sharing platform- Tiktok to narrate the ordeal that made her miss a flight after she refused to sleep with airport staff before being cleared to travel.

A video recording released online last week where a staff member was soliciting a bribe has made the Airport trend for the whole of last week.

One user after another has been coming out with varied narrations of their experiences at the hands of heartless extortionate employers.

Namagembe Stella narrated how declining two male staff’s sexual advances cost her a flight abroad having had her travel documents torn into pieces as she watched helplessly.

In a trending video, a friend who had flown out arranged a connection for her at the Airport having known it was nearly impossible to fly without someone knowing you there.

She says the contact only identified as Andrew arranged and picked her up in Entebbe but she was shocked when he drove straight to a lodge instead of going to Airport.

” At the lodge, I refused to enter however much he pestered me. I started crying and attracted bodaboda raiders who got concerned and asked me if the man had assaulted me,” she recounts.

The intervention of the onlookers made Andrew furious but ashamed at the same time. He asked her to pick up her belongings from his car and sped off but not after warning her she would face the repercussions.

She boarded a Boda Boda to the Airport still unable to figure out the way laid ahead for her. As soon as she arrived at the waiting longer, another male she can only identify as Sadik called her name and asked that she follows him.

He led her to the toilet where he demanded that she undresses and gets intimate with him.

” When I refused, he asked me to go back but warned that there was no other way if at all I wanted to go.” Namagembe recounts with tears in her eyes.

As she was being cleared, the shameless man again showed up, grabbing her documents – Visa and clearance papers, and tore them as she watched.

I cried but no one could help me. The lady at the counter told me she was unable to help. It seems Sadik held a more senior position compared to hers.” she further narrates.

After feeling the world sinking beneath her feet, she lost her pride and went after Sadik, this time ready to allow him to have his way with her if it was all that she had to allow her to travel.

” I went and told him I am ready but he shouted at me instead. He told me he was not interested anymore.” She said.

The nightmare, she says happened in June 2017 but feels like it just happened yesterday.

” I can never forget those two men. I can remember how each one of them looked and what they dressed,” she says before vividly describing the appearance of each of the two men who she says have since become a nightmare in her life.

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