WHILE MP Alex Brandon Kintu has just begun enjoying the 11th Parliament as the MP Kagoma North in Jinja District where he trounced six others with very comfortable margins, a new face has come in ahead of 2026.

At only 37 years of age, Stephen Amukun a medical practitioner is increasingly becoming a household name in the area where calls are high for him to appear on the ballot in 2026.

Amukun who also runs a private health facility known as Teso Clinic in Buwenge Town Council where he is the director has been busy giving out health support and other related health services which has endeared him to the community.

Some of the people, especially women referring to themselves as supporters are urging the soft-speaking Amukun to contest for the MP seat saying he has all the qualities of a leader.

“…we are extremely grateful for the wonderful things this health personnel is doing in our area, so the best gift is to shower him with votes in 2026 so that he gets the platform to do even more…”,the women chorused .

Led by Esther Bamutya and Nakisimira Merabu from Inziru, the women claim that for the first time they are getting a young dynamic leader who freely interacts with residents to hear their concerns.

Amukun who was not very comfortable giving a comment for the purpose of this story quoted a Latin phrase, “Vox Populi,Vox Dei”,which literally means the Voice of the people is the voice of God saying he cannot decline the wishes of the masses.

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“…once elected, my focus will be to empower the community with relevant information and skills as well as embracing government programmes to stimulate socio economic transformation…”,the MP hopeful said.

Stephen Amukun also hopes to lobby partners and collaborate with stakeholders at local and national levels to enhance service delivery in the health, education and infrastructure sectors in Kagoma North.

However, Amukun still has an uphill task ahead to convince the NRM fraternity to give him the NRM flag currently in the hands of Alex Brandon Kintu, popularly known as Musayi Muto (young blood).

The announcement will also serve as a wakeup call to Kintu whose interest to secure a second term in 2026 is known even to crawling babies having fought for years to go to parliament.

What You Need To Know:

Kintu won as the pioneer MP on NRM ticket for the constituency carved from the mother Kagoma County once the largest in the district currently being occupied by Moses Muwanika Walyomu.

He obtained 15,564 votes during the 2021 general elections when he subdued FDC’s Isa Budhugo who garnered 5,977 votes, NUP’s Mugereza Huzaifa with 4,378 votes, Christopher Katufu (independent) 749, Jackson Mugawe 225, Vincent Mukama 179 and the lone female candidate Josephine Erivaid managed a paltry 145 votes.


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