We know that everyone who watches football has gotten used to the referee being able to hand out yellow and red cards for any offense players commit during matches.

The “white card,” though, is a new card available to the referees.

In the women’s match between Sporting Lisbon and Benfica on Saturday, the white card was used for the first time ever.

The purpose of the white card is reportedly different from that of the yellow and red cards, which are given to players for breaking any rules.

As per Sport Bible, the white card is shown to teams for showing sportsmanship during games and also to recognize acts of fair play.

Now for the women’s game between Sporting Lisbon and Benfica, it was shown as appreciation to the medical personnel of both teams, who rushed out to the pitch after a woman complained of feeling ill. The medical teams from both sides united and tried to assist the women in question.

The video footage of the referee issuing the white card is currently going viral on social media.

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