Renowned TV presenter and events host Tifah Kabarungi a.k.a CEO Tifah joins the ever-growing list of public figures who continue to lose their property in Kampala.

Via her Snapchat and Instagram accounts, the Next Media employee has on Friday afternoon announced that she lost her mobile phone

CEO Tifah, a student at UMCAT, reveals to Mbu that her gadget was stolen while at school where she had gone to do examinations on Thursday.

She claims that she placed the phone somewhere before entering to do her exams and upon returning, it had been taken by an unidentified individual.

The often jolly personality claims that the person who took her phone has tried contacting people she knows asking for money and she alerts her friends and other contacts not to pick up calls or send money to her phone.

She continues to seek help in trying to retrieve her mobile phone.

“My phone was stolen yesterday as I was doing an exam please don’t pick up any calls or send money to anyone who calls using my numbers. I can only talk to people through snap and Instagram,” she notes.

Other renowned figures including Zari Hassan, Cindy Sanyu, Joanitta Kawalya, and most recently Victor Ruz have lost their gadgets too to thieves in Kampala.

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