How to deal with someone who promised you money, ,

Should you call him/her to remind them or forget about it?

This is the new emotional hell of financial promises.

This trend has almost replaced the one where people who borrow money and don’t repay. The one who promises, usually without being asked directly or in lieu of saying ‘no’, extends financial help to a later date.

The promisee then falls in a loop of wondering whether they are entitled to the money or not. In case you are wondering, “If someone promises you money or gift and renegades ….Pls understand, it’s just a promise. You have no rights to the money. You have no entitlement to the money. The money isn’t yours. The money still belongs to the owner Let’s stop being beggars here,” according to one ShadeLadipo.

Here’s how to deal with money promises

1. Refuse it

Yes, you are desperate for some cash but you want it NOW not later. It is tempting to accept the offer but it is not worth the mental and emotional anguish later.

Not only do they put you on a leash, but you have no guarantee that they will deliver.

Even better, they will learn to say ‘no’ next time when they can’t help, instead of making false promises.

2. Forget it

Find help elsewhere and forget about the promise. Simple and effective way to banish that hope from your mind.

3. Have a reliable lender

Establish a good relationship (borrowing and paying in time) with someone that you can rely on. That way, you never have to hear the dreaded “next week”.

4. Cut them off

If this person has made it a habit of making promises and complaining about “entitled people” he/she has promised money, they are rarely a good person to have around.

Accepting this kind of treatment from them will enable their habit of breaking promises, and ill-managing commitment.

They think it is okay to act this way instead of doing right by others.

5. It is their problem

Once they make the promise, understand that it is their responsibility. Avoid getting caught in reminding them.

This way, your relationship will be marred by promise. Each time you innocently check on them, it might come off as reminding them of their promise.

Don’t mention it, don’t dwell on it. Simply move on from it the moment they make it.

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