Music promoter Abitex real names Abby Musinguzi was released from prison on bail early this week. Musician Serena Bata was among those musicians that showed up to offer support and solidarity.

The two worked together but fell out last year and turned foes. For Serena, going to stand with Abitex was a sign that she has put their differences to bed, but for Abitex the wounds are still new.

Abitex revealed in an interview that he is not going to forgive Serena despite turning up at the court.

“I invested over 300 million in Serena. I had a big dream but she quashed everything when I got a few challenges. She ran to a lawyer and asked to cancel our contract. She started doing things against me. Honestly, you can’t play with my money like that. I would have chosen to build a house with my money but I invested it in her. I have a lot of pain and dislike towards her. I am going to unleash my anger soon, we’ll take legal steps, and she will see,” Abitex explained.

“I asked her not to perform my songs (those she recorded under my management) but she still does, and she thinks she will get away with it. Okay, watch the space,” he added.

In an earlier interview, Serena Bata said she was glad she left his management.

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