IPSOS Uganda Releases WAVE II National Audience Measurement Survey Results

IPSOS Uganda, a leading market and social research company, has released the WAVE II National Audience Measurement Survey (NAMS) Results which provides media owners, advertisers and marketing professionals with valuable insights into the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities shaping the media industry’s landscape.

The NAMS data is used for decision-making by advertisers, marketers and communicators; the data provides information on the viewership, listenership and readership patterns of Ugandans aged 15 years and above.

While the methodology used for NAMS has been consistent, the biggest step change since the last release of NAMS has been the setup of the NAMS Technical Research Team (TRT) which was formed as a continuation of discussions held with various stakeholders from the media industry who included; representatives from Uganda Marketer’s Society (UMS), Uganda Advertising Association (UAA), Public Relations Association Of Uganda (PRAU), National Association of Broadcasters (NAB).

Rural Broadcasters Association (RUBA) and Uganda Media Owners Association (UMOA). The NAMS results have thus been released with consensus and ownership from stakeholders from the media industry represented in the TRT.

In a statement released by the research team at IPSOS, NAMS will offer brands, advertisers and content creators a more precise and reliable understanding of its audience demographics and engagement patterns that will help them make better-informed decisions.

“The released NAMS results utilizes the latest global industry-standard audience measurement practices and is a powerful tool for decision making by management. Being number one is not everything; the key is in understanding what the targeted audience is interested in. The value of the data is only realized by going into the detail of timeslots,

programmes, content interests. This can only be done using a media planning tool.

The media can use the data to better their targeting for niche audiences to deliver better programming and positioning while advertisers can use the data to better target their audiences and market.

Broadly, NAMS will allow brands, advertisers and content creators to target their campaigns with greater efficiency and effectiveness as it provides a detailed understanding of the Ugandans media consumption habits”.

Going forward IPSOS seeks to empower stakeholders with unparalleled insights into their audiences by providing training for media owners and media agencies on how to utilise the data; the focus for media owners will be on how to use the data to demonstrate value to advertisers while for media agencies will be on how to use the data for media planning.

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As a leading information services provider, IPSOS is dedicated to equipping organizations and businesses with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions and make a difference in a rapidly evolving business environment.

IPSOS will therefore continue to refine their systems and explore new technologies to provide even deeper audience insights in the future for the betterment of our media and advertising industry, as a dedicated effort to continuous improvement and innovation in audience measurement:

Chairperson of the Uganda Advertising Association (UAA), Mr. Rommel Jasi said that as an association that uses data to make strategic decisions, brands and advertisers can now better tailor their campaigns to reach the most relevant user segments, maximizing their return on investment.

“The new National Audience Measurement Survey Results will allow brands, advertisers and content creators to target their campaigns with greater efficiency and effectiveness as it provides a better understanding of the changing Uganda demographics and competing media landscape,” he said.

President of the Uganda Marketers Society (UMS) and the Secretary General of the African Marketing Confederation (AMC) Mr. David Balikuddembe also added that IPSOS has come a long way in collaborating with key stakeholders in working on NAMS. As a researcher by training and profession, he noted the NAMS results are a powerful tool for decision making by marketers. “The

improved understanding of user demographics and preferences allows marketers to personalize content, advertising and targeting, leading to a more engaging and enrichingexperience for users of the National Audience Measurement Survey Results”.

Chairperson of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Dr. Innocent Nahabwe, thanked IPSOS for their wide range and inclusive approach to having all stakeholders and key players input their thinking towards the process of data collection and data review, he added that these insights will be valuable for both advertisers and our internal media teams as broadcasters strive to deliver the most relevant content and experiences for Ugandan audiences.

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“We urge all advertisers, marketers, communicators, content creators, media owners, and media buyers who want to understand how to use national audience measurement surveys to use this report”.

President of the Public Relations Association of Uganda (PRAU), Ms. Tina Wamala asserted that the NAMS Data are an important tool for public relations and communications professionals in quantifying media coverage and benchmarking.

“Audience measurement lets you see how many people are exposed to your press releases, media placements, and social media content. This helps our professionals gauge their PR efforts’ effectiveness and identify improvement areas. These national results will also provide a benchmark to compare one’s

audience reach against industry standards or competitors. Currently, our members are being tasked to show more results for their efforts and this can be a valuable way to demonstrate the return on investment (ROI) of your PR activities.”

Chairman of the Rural Broadcasters Association, Mr. Julius Tumusiime revealed that NAMS results will be a game-changer for rural broadcasters since they can firmly and finally show advertisers the specific demographics they can reach in the rural areas through our stations. “This data empowers us to compete effectively and attract advertising that will allow our members to earn and will enable them to continue providing high-quality local content”.

Meanwhile, The National Audience Measurement Survey is conducted to establish the media consumption habits of the audience; it provides information on; trends and patterns of viewership, readership, listenership and usage of different media platforms (TV, print, radio, internet, OOH). The study is conducted among regular media consumers aged 15 years and above.

IPSOS Uganda has conducted audience surveys for over 20 years and provided information to guide strategic marketing decisions and media planning for different institutions and individual data users. This has been made possible through collaboration with clients, industry associations and the prevailing environment that facilitates efficient data collection.

IPSOS Uganda is part of IPSOS Global, which is one of the largest research organizations globally, operating in 90 countries and employing over 19,000 people.

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