Singer and music analyst Jenkins Mukasa believes the statement Spice Diana released defending herself following criticism that she had sung poorly at her show made the situation worse.

Diana’s statement read: “My concert was too big and expensive production for haters to handle. I understand your pain. mbu live band tebyanyumye [was not interesting]. Did you expect [me] to sing like [Celine Dion?]. I am spice Diana. Or you expected a semi-live like your other… You can listen to my recorded songs on YouTube[.] If you wanted perfection.”

It went on: “Meanwhile, It was my 4th concert so my gadgets came expecting me to sing like I did. That’s why a Spice Diana fan will always turn up, enjoy me. Contented and not bothered. So ya’ll witches byabasaze. Ok talk about the numbers, the stage, lighting, costumes you can’t coz everything was 10 over 10 minus nothing.”

In response to the statement, Mukasa, who was speaking to Spark TV, said: “That she can’t sing like Celine Dion. That those who expect her to sing like Celine Dion should go to YouTube. [Laughs]. Really, how you do say I’m not good at singing? It’s admitting that you can’t sing… If it were me, I would have said, those who showed up, thanks for coming, you supported me, and what didn’t go well, I ask you to forgive us, no one is perfect, next time, we will do better. But I can’t say go to YouTube. She was arrogant… she needs to learn to be humble. She shouldn’t get excited over a Range Rover. Kids drive them… Don’t let it mislead you and define your personality.”

“Be calm around people that support you. By law, unless she doesn’t know the law, there is freedom of speech in this country… it’s called a public contract; if you call people through and promise them something, you’ve signed a contract with them. So, people have a mandate to opine on what you told them… you see they talk about [President Yoweri] Museveni and other big people, apart from the Kabaka whom they discourage us from criticising…”

Spice Diana’s concert performance received mixed reactions.

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