Joshua Baraka who is no stranger to the limelight, first caught a glimpse of Etania Mutoni on TV, never imagining that their paths would one day connect.

It wasn’t until 2021 that Joshua had the opportunity to meet Etania in person, and what started as a simple friendship soon blossomed into something more.

Their connection grew naturally, fueled by shared interests and a deep understanding of one another.

When asked about the possibility of marriage, Joshua revealed that they are not in a rush. They believe in allowing their love to develop organically and want to ensure that they are both ready for such a significant commitment.

They emphasize the importance of not rushing their journey and urge others to respect their timeline.

He further explains his undeniable urge to sing about lady names as seen in his hits like Nana and now Dalilah. He says that’s how he loves to tell his stories.

And when asked if he’ll ever sing about Etania, he frankly stated that she could not like it because she’s a shy person.

‘’Essawa yona tugenda kwewassa’’
Joshua Baraka ayogedde kubyokwagala Etania.#Dailysoup

— SPARK TV (@sparktvuganda) April 10, 2024

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