In a recent interview with Sanyuka TV, musician Jovan Luzinda shared his regrets about being involved in a relationship with a sugar mummy.

The artist expressed disappointment in the dynamics of such relationships and urged young artists and the youth to focus on their own hard work and independence.

Jovan highlighted the challenges he faced in his relationship with a woman older than him, who offered financial support.

He emphasized that such relationships often come with overprotectiveness and the fear of being taken away due to the limelight of the music industry.

Additionally, he mentioned that some sugar mummies exploit young boys, using them as apostles for their own gains.

From his experience, he advises young artists and the youth to steer clear of sugar mummies and instead work hard for their own success. By relying on their own talents and efforts, they are able to achieve independence and make sound decisions to propel their dreams forward.

He also hinted at the endless misunderstandings between Prince Omar and Grace Khan, highlighting that Omar should man up and undertake his responsibilities as a father. He stresses how he should understand that he’s no longer a mummy’s boy, so whatever he chooses to do should be appropriate.

VIDEO: Jovan Luzinda regrets falling in love with a sugar mummy.#SanyukaUnCut#SanyukaUpdates

— Sanyuka TV (@sanyukatv) April 12, 2024

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