Karitas Kario opened up on her decision to step away from the music scene for a while. Addressing speculations about financial hardships, she clarified that personal reasons rather than financial struggles drove her absence.

Having relocated to the United States to pursue better opportunities, Karitas remained dedicated to her music career despite the distance. Despite being miles away, she continued producing music and shooting videos, ensuring her presence in the Ugandan music scene.

However, everything changed when Karitas became pregnant. The arrival of her child prompted a reevaluation of her priorities and life goals.

Faced with the prospect of motherhood, she decided to temporarily halt her music endeavors and focus on her family.

Karitas expressed that her break was a deliberate choice aimed at dedicating more time and attention to her child’s upbringing. Contrary to assumptions, financial struggles were not the driving force behind her break from music.

Those assuming my break was due to financial constraints are mistaken. I chose to step back to be a mother to my child. It’s time people altered their perspectives towards others–Karitas Kario, Singer#TheDailySoup pic.twitter.com/2HZrk6kMO9

— SPARK TV (@sparktvuganda) April 29, 2024

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