A string of Twitter attacks on Kenya last year was understandably what cost General Muhoozi a position as one of the top Commanders of the Uganda People’s Defense Forces(UPDF).

Among others, the younger Lt. General then, gave a ridiculous time frame of just two weeks for his mighty army to run down the Kenyan Capital- Nairobi, something that left most Kenyans grumbling.

In what seemed like an act of appeasement, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, also Commander in Chief of the UPDF, but also father to General Muhoozi wrote to President William Ruto and the Kenyan people in humility, apologising for the follies of his son and senior officer of the army.

He, then, dropped him(Muhoozi) from the position of Commander of the UPDF’s Lands Forces but promoted him to the highest rank in the army- General and also retained him as a Presidential Advisor on Special Operationions.

The Kenyans people were then divided between satisfaction and complaint over the matter but we’re at least convinced Muhoozi had been made to pay for taking their country lightly.

But a tweet by the Girst Son on Wednsday demanding his father to return “his army” has stirred things in the Eastern neighbourhood.

“UPDF is still ‘My’ Army. Afande Mzee, I want my army back,” tweeted Muhoozi on Wednesday and the matter has topped debate on the internet across East Africa.

In Kenya, the interpretation is that the First Son still doesn’t admit that his actions were reprehensible and thus is why he is demanding his father undo what he did to calm down the atmosphere.

” This stubborn son of Kaguta won’t stop annoying Kenyans. He now wants his father to reverse his punishment for offending the Kenyan people.” One Okongo William said on Twitter.

While another one who goes by the name Godgodfrey called for Kenyans to waylay the First son in Nairobi and make him pay for abusing their country since his father has failed to handle him.

” We should wait for him to come to Nairobi and we castrate him for abusing our good country since his father has failed to discipline him.” he tweeted.

Another Twitter user described Mujoozi as ” a joker” on whom Kenyans shouldn’t waste their time.

My people, this son of Kaguta is a joker. We shouldn’t waste our precious time discussing him while he snoozes in peace.”

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