Fans of two of Western Uganda’s finest artists Omega 256, real name Shamim Murerwa, and Ray G were caught at a crossroads over the weekend over a clash of their favorite artists’ concerts.

After months of announcing his Kampala concert scheduled for 10th May, Ray G woke up over the weekend to the news of Omega 256 staging her show in Ishaka on the same date.

The developments sparked a heated argument online with fans of either side questioning the other’s intentions. Ray G’s fans vividly accused Omega 256 of being “selfish.”

They questioned how she could stage a music show on the same date as their star and questioned if she really wished well for Western Ugandan music.

Some netizens maintain that both shows can turn out successful as they are to be held at venues very far apart; with Ray G’s concert in Kampala and Omega 256’s in Ishaka.

Omega 256 has also responded to the selfish claims from Ray G’s fans. Via Facebook, she commented revealing how she has performed at three of Ray G’s past concerts free of charge.

She urged fans to appreciate her efforts as she has supported Ray G through the years.

Which support do you people really want? I have performed on all past 3 Ray G’s concerts at no cost, I even posted this Lugogo show. Isn’t that enough support? Learn to appreciate.

Omega 256

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