The National Resistance Movement (NRM) secretary-general, Richard Todwong, has apologised on behalf of the party for the rampant corruption and maladministration of their administration during the party’s almost 40-year reign.

In a message he posted on the NRM party’s official social Twitter account, Todwong said that the mishaps in their administration over the years were not intentional and asked members of the public to pardon areas in which they have not performed to Ugandans’ expectations. He said they will do better next time.

Todwong’s apology comes at a time the party is celebrating the NRM Liberation Day which is commemorated annually on the 26 January.

He also congratulated the NRM leadership and the public for celebrating the day (NRM Liberation Day)

On behalf of the NRM party I would like to congratulate the His Excellence the President of Uganda, the NRM leadership and the public a happy anniversary of the NRM Liberation Day. This anniversary comes out of hard work and commitment the leadership of the party has put in. We don’t take it for granted,” he said.

He added: “As a party we look forward to doing better in the coming years. I just hope that people understand that governing is not easy. Once in a while we might have over stepped but whatever was done was for the good of the country.”

Over 200,000 people were killed in Greater Luwero during a 5-year liberation struggle that saw NRA/M capture power in 1986.

This year’s celebrations are being held in Kakumiro district.

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