Swangz Avenue singer Winnie ‘Nwagi’ Nakanwagi has yet again shown her fans why she always stands out above the rest for her hard work and creative attitude.

A couple of weeks ago, the singer established a new clothing store – The Klean – to her close friends via Snapchat.

Located in Kyanja, Nwagi’s new shop sells clothes, bags, and shoes, among other accessories to both male and female clients.

Via IG, Nwagi has revealed the process of the making of her shop and celebrates how her visions are slowly coming to reality.

“Visions come to reality. Ladies and gentlemen, The Klean. Located in Kyanja on Ring Road, Percentage Plaza. You’re welcome,” Nwagi captioned the video.

She joins a couple of other celebrities with other investments including her labelmate Vinka who also boasts a string of side businesses including a car-selling business.

She also boasts a couple of endorsement deals for top brands around the country.

Congratulations, Firebaby!

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