Accomplished Ugandan chef Dorcus Basheba Kirabo, popularly known as Mama D, is set to reattempt breaking the Guinness World Record for the Longest Cooking Marathon by an Individual a.k.a Cookathon this June.

Why was Mama D’s initial attempt denied?

In December, Mama D made headlines with her Guinness World Records attempt, reaching beyond Alan Fischer’s 119 hours and 57 minutes mark.

However, when her evidence was submitted to the GWR committee for review before she could be officially acclaimed as a World Record holder, it was found wanting.

Dorcus Bashema Kirabo a.k.a Mama D Uganda (Photo: Baron Edgar)

Mama D claims that the footage she submitted as evidence was blurry and contained lots of media coverage which denied her a dream cap to her efforts.

More attempts world over denied

There have been several contenders since Mama D’s widely covered GWR attempt including Failatu Abdul-Razak, a Ghanaian chef, who surpassed Mama D’s supposed record with an ambitious goal of 240 hours for the longest Cookathon.

Hers and several other attempts were denied by the GWR committee, just like Mama D’s.

Mama D is not giving up, however!

Undeterred, Mama D I ready to give another shot at the attempt. Via social media, she announced her intention to reattempt the Cookathon.

Mama D has set 1st June 2024 as the date to kickstart her reattempt and she will stage the cooking area at High Note Bar along Kamuli Road.

The Guinness World Records has accorded me a second chance to reattempt the Longest Cooking Marathon by an Individual. I attempted the first one in December and the footage sent to GWR was blurry and full of media coverage.

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They asked me for further evidence and that’s what am going to do come 1st June. I am going to reattempt to break the longest cooking marathon which currently stands at 119 hours.

Mama D

In a call for support, Mama D has rallied her fans and the public to join her on this reattempt. We wish her good luck.

Just In: Ugandan chef Dorcus Basheba Kirabo a.k.a @Mama_d256 is set to reattempt breaking the @GWR for the Longest Cooking Marathon by an Individual in June.

More details 👇#MamaDsWorldRecord

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