The Minister of Internal Affairs, the Honourable Major General (Rtd) Kahinda Otafiire, yesterday delivered a lecture to the second cohort of course members at the National Defence College – Uganda.

During his lecture, he emphasized that providing security for Uganda requires a collaborative effort from all stakeholders. “Security is now a basic necessity. Providing it to our people as upcoming leaders, we must ensure unity, democracy, production, fair share in determining destiny and satisfying people’s needs because insecurity is a threat to life,” said Hon. Otafiire.

He stressed that security is a fundamental necessity, and as future leaders, they must ensure unity, democracy, production, and fair share in determining destiny and satisfying peoples’ needs. He pointed out that insecurity poses a threat to life.

The minister attributed insecurity in many African countries to a lack of interest, ideological bankruptcy, misinformation, backward culture, sectarianism, and the inability to understand the laws of nature.

He noted that insecurity in Africa is sometimes State-inspired by the misuse of power, where individual interests become State policy. He remarked that when the NRM took over power in 1986, they introduced the local Council One (LC1) system as a first-line measure to fight insecurity, adding that it’s everyone’s role to fight the vice.

He called for unity and advanced technology integration by eliminating artificial colonial boundaries. He proposed the creation of a viable East African state with purchasing power to build an economic muscle as a strategy to defend territorial integrity.

Since its commissioning by H.E Gen (Rtd) Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in January 2022, the National Defence College – Uganda, the highest institution of military learning, has been conducting its Second Intake, which commenced on 02 June 2023 and comprises 21 members, including a public servant at the level of a commissioner.

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