Following the considerable success of her earlier release “Take Me Back,” Mitchy Dalen delights fans with her latest studio offering, “Experience You.”

Best known for her captivating performances alongside her band at various venues ranging from bars to weddings and corporate events, Mitchy Dalen is celebrated for her mesmerizing vocals that effortlessly draw audiences to the dance floor.

“Experience You” is an Afro-pop song reflecting on the intricacies of love and vulnerability. Mitchy describes it as a heartfelt journey into the essence of experiencing love and the accompanying vulnerability.

“Being in love means surrendering oneself to another, a notion that can be daunting for many,” shares Mitchy, offering insight into the song’s inspiration. “It’s about cherishing the presence of someone special and embracing the highs and lows of love,” she adds.

For Mitchy Dalen, love is a profound aspect of life that she believes everyone should encounter, despite its inevitable challenges. “Experience You” holds a special place in her heart as it reflects her journey, and the courage it takes to share such intimate experiences through music.

This release marks just the beginning of Mitchy’s promising music career, with plans to deliver more soulful tunes for both love enthusiasts and groove aficionados. She hints at exploring music for soul lovers, promising an exciting musical journey ahead.

About Mitchy Dalen:

Hailing from Uganda, Mitchy Dalen is a versatile Afro-soul and pop artist. Her musical journey began in her early years, performing in school and church, fueled by her innate passion for music. Notably, she gained recognition by participating in Coca-Cola Rated Next, a TV talent search show in Uganda.

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Since then, Mitchy has graced numerous stages, collaborating with various bands including Gang band, Band Cindy, Code 9 Band, Fauti Band, iwera Band, 316 Ug/AKM. Her talent extends beyond music, as she serves as a brand ambassador and influencer, amplifying the reach of various brands.

In 2021, Mitchy’s talent shone brightly as she emerged victorious in the Akadope Stars Singing Competition, solidifying her rising status in the Ugandan music scene.

Her collaboration with the Akadope Band resulted in the soulful track “Lies,” further showcasing her musical prowess. Mitchy continues to collaborate with esteemed bands, enriching the music scene with her unparalleled talent and passion.

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