A 18-year old teenager and her 41-year old mother have been arrested by police in Kisoro over alleged infanticide.

Elly Maate, the Kigezi Regional Police Spokesman identified  the two  suspects as Allen Nyirabyirigiro, a Primary six drop out of Gitovu Primary School and her mother Loy Nyirabyirigiro both, residents of Rurangara cell, Bugara ward, Mupaka town council Kisoro district.

Maate says that It’s alleged that on Monday, one Owimana Pius 12 years old, while in the garden digging, he discovered a half body part of a child and immediately informed the local residents, and since they knew that Nyirabyiringiro was pregnant, they traced for her with the help of the area chairperson, John Bosco Niyonyegamiye who arrested her from the Democratic Republic of Congo side, in the garden together with her mother.

Upon being interviewed, she revealed to them that, she produced a dead baby girl and threw it in the nearby bush on 21/1/2023.

Maate  says that Police was alerted, scene was visited and processed, the two suspects arrested and detained to help in investigation.

The recovered body part was taken to Kisoro hospital for postmortem.

John Bosco Niyonegamiye, Rurangara village LC1 Chairperson  says he had to first conduct a search in the entire village to ascertain all the pregnant women and those who had recently given birth.

Nyirabyiringiro confessed that she delivered a baby a few weeks back. She further admitted that the man who impregnated her did not want anything to do with the baby and she was unable to follow him up because she knew little to nothing about him.

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