Musical Maestros Kenneth Mugabi, Myko Ouma, and Ssewa-sewa Join Forces for ‘Pride of the Pearl’ Concert 

As three virtuosos, Kenneth Mugabi, Myko Ouma, and Ssewa-sewa, combine their talents for the highly anticipated “Pride of the Pearl” event, prepare yourself for an evening of unmatched musical splendour.

This special inaugural event which take place on 7th July 2024 against the sophisticated background of the Sheraton Hotel (BallRoom) is expected to be a celebration of Ugandan culture and highlight the wide range of skills that these well-known performers possess

On this wonderful evening, Mugabi, Ouma, and Ssewa-sewa are sure to captivate audiences with their distinct styles and contagious energy, leaving them with priceless memories.

Situated in the centre of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda, the Sheraton Hotel radiates elegance and refinement. Its magnificent ballroom, which is well-known for holding important occasions, will be the ideal location for the “Pride of the Pearl” concert.

Arriving at the lavish location, music lovers from all over the world will be met by an air of excitement as they come to see these three legendary musicians together.

With his heartfelt tale and soulful vocals, Kenneth Mugabi has won over audiences of all stripes. His ability to fuse modern sounds with traditional Ugandan tunes has won him praise from many quarters.

The legendary Myko Ouma, a guitarist whose complex melodies and captivating performances have won him a devoted fan base, will be joining him on stage. Mugabi and Ouma pledge to collaborate to create a captivating performance that appeals to all age groups and crosses genre boundaries.

Ssewa-sewa, a multi-instrumentalist whose proficiency with the adungu, a traditional string instrument from Uganda, is unparalleled, adds to the evening’s charm.

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Ssewa-sewa brings an irresistible excitement and exuberance to every performance with his contagious energy and dynamic stage presence.

These three performers will weave a musical tapestry together on the Sheraton Hotel stage, honouring Uganda’s rich cultural legacy and showcasing the extraordinary talent that exists there.

According to the concert organiser Soul Events Africa, only 30 tables are available for purchase, each costing Shs5M, in order to provide the guests with an opulent and private experience. Additionally, single tickets cost Shs500k each.

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