When it comes to the pantheon of Uganda’s all time musical greats, many names come into play.

Talents such as Elly Wamala, Philly Bongole Lutaaya, Paul Kafeero are hard to miss in such debates.

However, the wheat is usually sifted from the chaff when their song writing abilities comes into play.

In the song writing pantheon, the debate has hardly gotten bigger than Paul Kafeero and Herman Basudde.

Contemporary writer Nince Henry has felt generous this week as he has been sharing informative nuggets about his craft with his fans.

During the course of his nuggets, he made mention of Paul Kafeero serving not only as an inspiration, but as a yardstick, both him and Mowzey Radio, his contemporary funneled from.

Due to this thread, he was prompted to weigh in on the debate between Paul Kafeero’s writing abilities and Herman Basudde’s.

According to Nince, Paul Kafeero’s skillset was superior to Basudde’s, since he had better melody and vocabulary.

“The debate on Paul Kafeero and Basudde can be solved like this simple! They were both poetic. Paul was highly melodic and had a mark higher vocally! Like that’s not enough? His literature was insane! Basudde was more on proverbial lines. verdict: Kafeero is the greatest writer ever,” he tweeted.

Nevertheless, Nince’s verdict triggered a lot of debate in the comments section with some arguing that Herman Basudde might have laid the foundation for Paul Kafeero.

Despite many fans and industry spectators, agreeing and disagreeing with Nince, his opinion holds more weight since he practices the craft himself.

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