Mowzey Radio was considered by many music lovers, critics and industry insiders as one of the country’s most outstanding vocalists, lyricists and songwriters of all time.

It is to no surprise that after his death, media was was awash with speculation about the whereabouts of his unreleased music.

To this day, each and every time an artiste releases music with a similar flow or lyrical arrangement to that of Radio’s, suspicion always points to Radio’s unreleased music hard drive being the source.

After Spice Diana’s concert, many social media users took to Twitter to celebrate Nince Henry for his exceptional writing on Spice Diana’s hit single “Regular”.

Nevertheless, during the praises, dust was raised when a one tweep, pointed out a suspicion that “Regular” might have been written by Moses Radio.

Today, Nince Henry broke his silence on the issue, on his Twitter page.

According to Nince Henry, Moses Radio never wanted to write music until 2013, when he was convinced to start selling songs from his catalogue to other people.

“Mowzey never wanted to write songs for other people until 2023 when he was convinced to sell some of his then extra catalogue of demos to others. One day me and him argued on who listened to more of Paul Kafeero’s songs and he took me to his car. On his list, he had 20 more than I had,” he revealed.

Nince further added that Radio got more open minded when he realized that people were paying real money for songwriting.

“The late Mowzey told me he was excited to realize that people were paying real money for songwriting! So he put his songs in studios so artists would come, listen and pick their choice,” he added.

Nince however reveals that most artistes that bought Radio’s music were terrified to release it following his death as the debate surrounding his lost hard drive scared many.

Further more, others merely failed to execute the music.

“Most artistes who bought Mowzey’s songs never released them after his death. Some either kept them on demos or just failed to execute them. Plus the issue of who had Mowzey’s drive scared many,” he added.

Nince Henry’s revelations about Mowzey Radio’s art have excited many since Nince Henry is regarded as one of Radio’s closest contemporaries when it comes to song writing.

According to Nince, both individuals had enormous respect for each other, as Radio called him master while Nince called him general.

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