You have 15-60 seconds to grab your target audience’s attention in a video. This can be intimidating and sometimes discouraging.

Tiktok’s now boasting over three billion downloads as competition for all Facebook apps.

It is number five in popularity and consumer spending backs up its status at $2.5 billion globally.

This lucrative app has proved itself a breakout stage for many people, songs, movies and brands. It is a leading lifestyle content pool for various ideas from comedy, dance to business tips.

All this translates into opportunity for business, fame, endorsements, and expression.

Once you master these hacks you can create a steady flow of content, ideas and incoming followers.


  1. The goal is to reach the 10k followers in order to start making money from your videos.
  2. Get sponsorship deals, become a thought leader and make sales.
  3. Get your TikTok traffic to grow your traffic on your other social media platforms or website.

How to achieve TikTok milestones

Landing your content on the TikTok “For You Page” (FYP) is the holy grail.

The FYP can easily push your views to great numbers without you spending a dime.

It also makes reaching your target audience easier especially if you go viral.

Here’s how to win a ticket to the FYP feature

1. User Interactions

The algorithm picks up videos with more duets, shares, likes and comments.

You video content has to be captivating too because the more people watch your video to the end, the algorithm ranks it up.

2. Video Information

Your captions, hashtags and sound are incense for the algorithm.

If you feature a trending sound or hashtag is likely to get you a spotlight. Stay on top of trends.

3. Account and device settings

Set your location, language preference, country and device in alignment with your content.

However, you have a chance of reaching a global audience without this signal.

4. Avoid duplicating content or posting duplicated content.

Get on the FYP with these six tips

Optimise your videos so that your audience easily finds you.

Include keywords in your titles, subtitles and descriptions and the tag section of the TikTok app.

Use updated keywords in your niche.

Maximise your visual creativity. Your goal is to capture people’s attention to keep watching your videos, so go all out with your creativity.

1. Proper Hashtag use

Don’t use “#fyp” or ‘#ForYou’ thinking it will help you reach that pot of gold. Use your keywords that are relevant to your audience and content.

Choose a few relevant hashtags. Use popular hashtags with unpopular ones.

Take part in hashtag challenges. Lastly, track hashtags and find what works best for your account.

2. Short videos

Use as little time as possible to make your point in your videos.

The less time people have to spend watching, the more likely they’ll watch until the end.

Make it catchy from the get go!

Remember, more watch completion increases chances of ranking high.


  • Keep it simple in context and components.
  • Get creative with transitions.
  • Entertainment and humor are key.
  • Engage with viewers in comment section.

3. Master captivating captions

You have fewer characters to make captions than on Twitter after hashtags.

Focus on writing captions that are short and draw viewers to your content.

  • Use mystery in your captions
  • Mercilessly tease viewers with sneak peeks of information in the video. 
  • Ask questions in captions. This will also reflect engagement in the comment section.

4. High-quality videos

Invest in high-end equipment for your videos.

No one is going to struggle with low-quality videos when they have high-quality videos in their feed.

You don’t even need a production team. Up your editing game to make the videos more exciting.

  • Invest in a tripod or other devices that ensure camera stability.
  • Use the app’s resolution sizes: 1080 x 1920 with a 9:16 aspect ratio.
  • Find apps to resize to this.
  • Use natural light and bright artificial light.

5. Track audience active hours

Find out when your audience is most active and post new content then.

Analytics are available that you can use to guage active hours. This is especially true for a Pro account which also comes with a work space.

To access analytics and workspace, follow these tips:

  • Open the app. Tap “Me” icon at bottom.
  • Tap hamburger icon in top left corner.
  • Go to “Manage Account”.
  • Go to “Switch to Pro Account”.
  • Choose “Creator” or “Business”.

6. Use trending sound and music

Sound and music also act like hastags. Use trending clips of audio to bump your ‘find’ ranking and engagement.

Find the trending sounds and music in each niche in the video editor.

  • Tap “Sounds”
  • Go to “Discover” page
  • Find “Playlist” section
  • Collect audios to use later.

Be unique and maintain it. Unique content will get you up in ranks faster than copying. Use other creators’ sounds and effects as inspiration to boost your uniqueness.

Above all, be ready to invest in time. Stay active and interact with your followers and engaging with their content.

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