Comedian Anne Kansiime declared in June 2019 that she had no interest in doing interviews with Ugandan media outlets.

Kansiime announced via her YouTube channel that she will no longer conduct unpaid interviews.

“I have lost the love and the zeal of doing interviews with anyone. I feel like the interviews we keep doing as artists most of the time don’t work for our brands,” said Kansiime.

She added, “The next time you media want me to answer any question or give you content for your platform, this is what you’ll need to do: find me in my comfort zone, facilitate my expenses, and be ready to allow me to share the same content on my platforms.”

Over the weekend, during the premiere of her reality television show, KanSeeMe, she did, however, clarify that the reason she said she was no longer interested in doing interviews was that the interviews had lost value to her.

She claimed that she only participates in interviews that are useful to her.

“It wasn’t a dislike for interviews, but there was a lot going on in journalism at the time, and things have gotten a lot better,” she explained.

According to Kansiime, if she was to charge for doing an interview, Shs 1 million is too little.

Kansiime debuted a reality show this year called “KanSeeMe” on Pearl Magic.

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