At least 18 suspected Pokot warriors have been arrested in Nakapiripirit for the attempted murder at Kamurapus dam at the border of Nakapiripirit and Katakwi districts.

Michael Longole, the Mt Moroto Regional police spokesperson says that the suspected warriors who were armed with bows and arrows were arrested on Sunday evening after attacking a karimojong pastoralist who was fishing at Kamurapus dam.

He identified the victim as Lokut Akoi,20, a resident of Nabata village, loam parish, Loreng sub-county in Nakapiripirit district who was shot five times using a bow and arrows by 18 Pokot warriors who were tracking their stolen cattle. 
According to Longole, the police visited the scene and arrested 18 Pokot warriors, and the injured person was rushed to Matany Hospital for treatment.

He said police also recovered 28 bows and arrows as exhibits and the suspects will be arraigned before the court for attempted murder. 
“We warn the community against taking the law in their hands, we are realizing it is becoming a common practice among our people, please be warned,” Longole noted.

Early last week, four people were killed and several others critically injured following an ethnic clash between the Pian of Nakapiripirit and the Pokot of Amudat district. The victims were shot using bows and arrows and later died from the injuries, however, their bodies missing bodies have not been recovered up to date.

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