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“President Museveni dreams right,” says Government Chief Whip as he passes out 478 youths in Lango

The Government Chief Whip Denis Hamson Obua has asked Ugandans to support all wealth creation programs initiated by President Museveni whose dream is to transform Uganda into modernity.

“From what we witnessed during our tour to the testimonies we have heard here, for those who thought President Museveni’s idea of starting these zonal industrial hubs was not a good idea, I have no doubt that if they walked in heaven, many of them would not be received by the angel on the right-hand side of the lord. If we had not supported President Museveni in this dream, would we have had these over 500 people graduating today? Because here you can see from the testimonies, young people whose hopes were lost within our communities, but the hopes have been regained,” Hon. Obua said.

The Government Chief Whip who is also the Member of Parliament for Ajuri County made the remarks today as the Chief Guest during the second graduation of 478 students who include the 2nd and 3rd cohorts who successfully completed their vocational training at Lira Presidential Skilling Hub in Lango Sub-Region.

“On behalf of the chief vision bearer of the presidential hubs who is none other than Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, President of the Republic of Uganda, Commander in Chief of the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces, Fountain of Honor and the National Chairman of the National Resistance Movement, I hereby declare cohort number 2 and number 3 of the Lango Presidential Industrial Hub officially passed out. Go and serve your nation with distinction. Go and excel in the name of God the father and the holy spirit,” Hon. Obua declared.

The graduates drawn from the nine districts that make up Lango sub-region which include; Alebtong, Amolatar, Apac, Dokolo, Kole, Lira, Oyam, Otuke and Kwania were awarded with certificates in seven (7) employable vocational disciplines namely; Tailoring and design, Hairdressing and makeup, Building and Construction Practice, Carpentry & Joinery, Welding and metal fabrications, Bakery & Confectionery and Leather processing (shoe making).

Hon. Obua likened the successful testimonies courtesy of the strategic leadership of the President to the story in the bible where Jesus healed 10 men, but one remembered to thank him. He urged the graduates to put to practice what they have studied with integrity and ensure quality rather than quantity.

“I want to thank you for your testimonies like a journey from grass to grace. In that journey, there are choices that you will have to make. Issues to do with skills are about competition. Quality vs quantity. And the moment your products are more in quantity, that’s how you will chase your customers. But if your products are more of quality, you will attract more. The issue is now which patch are you going to choose. The path of returning to where you were, or do you want to join those in the money economy? If you have trained in carpentry and you don’t have the positive attitude of the skills you have acquired, you will never fly beyond my height but if your attitude is positive, you will go far,” Obua stressed.

The Government Chief Whip informed the gathering that in support of wealth creation programs in Lango, the government continues to inject resources in the region and so far, it has injected a total of Uganda shillings 62.4 billion under the Parish development Model and Uganda shillings 11.6 billion has been dispatched to the 18 groups across the 21 constituencies in Lango under Emyoga.

“All that that money is rotating around us. So, it must be your choice to be poor. In this next FY, another 100 million will come and that’s how we are going to lift each other and run away from poverty. Take advantage of the various government programs by forming groups in order to benefit,” Hon. Obua said.


He further committed to rally fellow members of Parliament to ensure that the government gets resources to support the state house comptroller in setting up common user facilities per region to support the skilled youth to put their skills into practice before they get employed. “Because we would love H.E the President to train and equip,” Obua added.

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The State House Comptroller, Ms. Jane Barekye congratulated the graduates and cautioned them on discipline if they want to succeed in what they have studied.

“Thank you for allowing yourselves to be trained and picking a skill. Discipline is the most selling factor and without it you cannot go anywhere. Now you have quality of skill and if you apply discipline you will succeed in whatever you do,” Ms. Barekye said.

She further expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Education and sports together with the Directorate of Industrial Training for ensuring quality learning in the Presidential skilling hubs to ensure that children finish with a strong document to take them levels up.

She also reiterated why President Museveni initiated the skilling program, saying all that was planned in the program is being achieved.

“In one of the testimonies we have heard, one of the graduates is supporting her husband to sustain the family. That is what His Excellency wanted to ensure household incomes are improved. He has achieved all those objectives based on the testimonies you have heard from here,” Ms. Barekye informed the Government Chief Whip.

Government Chief Whip in Parliament Denis Hamson Obua being welcomed by the State House Comptroller Jane Barekye for the graduation for first and second intake 2023 of the Lango Sub-region Presidential Industrial Hub in Ayere cell, Barapwo ward, Lira City West Division on the 18th April 2024. Photo by PPU/Tony Rujuta.

Other objectives include; reduce unemployment among the youth- educated and not educated, make more youth job creators not job seekers, bridge the gap between the employed and unemployed and substitute imports and promote exports.

“Another objective was to reduce the level of criminality in the cities especially among the youth who had lost direction. They now know what to do because their minds are changed. Here I would like to thank the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) for changing the mindset of our children here,” she added.

The UPDF 5th Division Commander Brig. Gen. James Katungi thanked President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for his guidance and wisdom that enabled him to initiate the skilling program aimed at transforming the youth.

“Right from the 60’s mzee starts something small and it grows into something big and for us as UPDF we are proud of his philosophy. I thank the state house comptroller for not letting him down.

He reminded the gathering that whereas the role of UPDF is well articulated in the constitution, they are also mandated to engage in productive activities for the development of Uganda.

“That’s why we partner with the state house comptroller and all these actors to make sure that when we are not at war at least we are adding something productive to develop our country,” Brig. Gen. Katungi said.

He urged the skilled youth to be disciplined and engage in productive activities now that the government has enabled them to acquire a skill.

The Deputy Director Assessment and Certification- Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT), Dr. Michael Okumu thanked President Museveni for the initiative which is exactly fulfilling his promise in the Manifesto of 2021-2026 to transform the youths of this country.

“As DIT we started this journey together with the state house and we set the training guide before the assessment and whatever is taking place in the training hubs is exactly by the standards set by DIT. This certificate which is equivalent to the Ordinary level is fit for the world of work,” Okumu said.

The State House Comptroller Jane Barekye delivering her speech during the graduation for first and second intake 2023 of the Lango Sub-region Presidential Industrial Hub in Ayere cell, Barapwo ward, Lira City West Division on the 18th April 2024. Photo by PPU/Tony Rujuta.

The Hub manager Vicky Abura thanked President Museveni for starting the skilling centers that have changed the lives of youths. She also thanked the state house comptroller who she said has been very supportive.

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“We started this skilling hub in Lango in July 2022 with 4 courses, but we are grateful that we now have 7 courses with 13 instructors. Thank you so much madam controller. We are very grateful. This presidential program has a lot of impact on the lives of our youths,” Ms. Abura said.

The Government Chief Whip and the gathering were earlier treated to heartwarming testimonies from the skilled youths who are now earning a living from the skills acquired from Lango regional Presidential skilling hub.

Alum Charity Akello from Amolatar district says before joining the skilling hub she was a housewife and together with the husband, they could wait for his monthly salary which sometimes could not sustain them.

“After my training here, my husband bought for me a sewing machine and I’m now earning every day as he is waiting for the month to end. I’m also earning from training others. Long Live President Museveni,” Charity explained.

Olobe Emmanuel from Kwania district who got skills in Building and Construction Practice thanked President Museveni for changing their lives through free vocational education.

“I came here not knowing anything but now I’m speaking as an engineer. When I returned home, I started laying bricks and selling them. I later met a certain engineer from Matuga Kampala who took me to work with him and I now have a lot of knowledge.  I thank the state house and H.E the President of Uganda for helping us. You have really changed our lives and pray that God protests you. Long live the President and NRM,” he added.

Fiona Doreen from Apac District who qualified as a baker described her training as a blessing not only for her but many other girls who had little or no formal education.

“I’m really blessed to be here. Last year I heard about this from the church, and I never took it seriously until I took the chance to apply. I thank God because I’m not a beggar anymore. I used to sell liquid soap before coming here but even after completion, I have continued with both baking and making liquid soap. With the money acquired from the liquid soap, I have been able to buy a small oven, and a mincer to make small samosas. I’m able to support our family and pay some school fees to my siblings,” Fiona said.

The Director Presidential Projects and skilling hubs Eng. Raymond A. Kamugisha called for transparency in selection of students to join the skilling hubs if all vulnerable uneducated children are to benefit.

“I have heard the testimonies of the children and they got me so emotional. This goes to those selecting children to bring here. Please, you can see the need that is in the community. People don’t have money; they want an opportunity, please don’t pick anything from them.  Let’s make sure we make this program a clean one and corruption free so that we can change this society,” Eng. Kamugisha said.

Mr. George Abdul, the Zonal chairperson of the board of governors who is also the Resident District Commissioner for Apac expressed gratitude to President Museveni for setting a skilling upon in Lango Sub Region which has brought hope to the once hopeless uneducated and unskilled young people.

“We are very grateful to the president for bringing this here. As you can see all those who are graduating today are our foot soldiers. And I want to say congratulations to all of you, our graduates. We want you to be the fruit that has been planted by his H.E the president to go and do the needful. Go and do exactly what you have been taught,” Abul added.

Currently, there are 19 Industrial Zonal Hubs spread across the country, but plans are underway to increase them to 33 according to the Directorate of Industrial Training.

The ceremony was also attended by District leaders from Karamoja, LC5 Chairpersons, Security officers, Youth leaders and parents.


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