Events promoter Ariho Nobat of Nobat Events is publicly accusing singer Ray G of betrayal just weeks before the Ray G concert scheduled for next month.

Ray G is set to headline a concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval on May 10th. The event has garnered support from fellow artists such as Spice Diana, Sheebah Karungi, Lydia Jazmine, and Fik Fameica, who have all endorsed the show and confirmed their attendance.

However, amidst the excitement, allegations of double-crossing have surfaced, casting a shadow over the upcoming event. Nobat, the promoter behind the concert, has voiced his grievances, claiming that Ray G has disrespected him and breached their agreement.

Nobat expressed his disappointment, vowing to teach Ray G a lesson he won’t soon forget. He emphasized that contrary to popular belief, he was the one who extended a helping hand to Ray G when the singer sought assistance in organizing the concert in Kampala.

Nobat asserted that he played a pivotal role in negotiating with organizers, planning the event, and securing the venue, yet his contributions have been overlooked.

Nobat revealed a concerning financial arrangement, alleging that sponsorship funds from MTN, the official sponsor, are directed solely to Ray G, bypassing the agreed-upon terms.

Someone cannot just cross from Mbarara all the way to Kampala and make me act as a broker; Ray G should understand the role of a promoter. He cannot tell MTN that I simply connected him to the venue, as that would imply I am a broker.

Nobert Ariho of Nobat Events

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