At last, singer Ronald Alimpa has admitted to using toxic substances like the rest of the artists around the world.

He says back then he used to puff weed and no one would stop him from doing whatever he wanted since he had not faced the consequences of doing drugs.

However, Ronald Alimpa finally confirmed quitting the use of drugs following the period he spent in the hospital bedridden after surviving a nasty car crash that almost took his life.

He says the pain he was in was too much during his operations and the doctors advised him to do away with drugs in his life if he is to live longer.

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In that regard, he made sense of the doctor’s advice and decided to quit drugs. “I quit using toxic substances because the doctors asked me to stop and pointed out the positives of not using drugs,” Alimpa said.

“During the time I was bedridden, the situation went out of hand and I felt it was wise I quit drugs. But the pain reduced and I can confirm that I totally quit.”

Speaking about his relationship with his mother, he noted that all the misunderstandings that they had were amicably settled and they are now living in harmony.

When asked about not showing up for shows where events promoter Norbert had booked him, Alimpa denied the allegations saying those are just hearsays.

Musically speaking, Alimpa disclosed that he has a new song he is working on in the studio titled “Onyenyangamu” that he is about to premier anytime soon.

His new song is all about celebrating life and thanking God for the gift of life as he reflects on how he almost breathed his last in just a blink of an eye.

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